The Vigilante Dillah Tanty

Hello! I'm J*M*A and this is my blog page


Noun: a person who cultivates an area of interest, such as the arts, without real commitment or knowledge. 


a person with an amateur interest in the arts.

This blog is about the many aspects of my life which I don't always talk about as an artist but which are vitally important to me as a person (and therefore as an artist). Subjects might include:

Being ADHD

trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle;

being Vegan;

living in Bristol, UK;

places I go, things I see;

films, tv and books I like (Die Hard);

how I am turning a former hobby (music making) into a full time  job.

I also like trains. 

If that sounds good then stick around or follow me on insta!

Production Music Camp

   Last week I attended a 3-day workshop in London, jointly organised by Media Tracks and Tileyard X which was all about production music. 


What is production music?  

It can be albums of music in the style of (whatever is required)…

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Mastering a Masters?

Hardly. I have technically just finished a Master’s in Electronic Music Production in Bristol but let me caveat this by adding I still have a trailing module (a retake which will be capped at the pass mark) due in November…

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Panorama programme about ADHD...

I’m not sure what to say exactly but I do know I’m pissed off by the irresponsible Panorama documentary that aired earlier this week. Not because there may well be clinics who are acting irresponsibly but because most people who…

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International Women’s Day 2023 Wednesday 8th March

Oh hello, it's been a while huh? Never fear! I'm back! 

I’ve put together a little list of some music/technology/production events around International Women’s Day 2023 (IWD23) which are mostly online but sometimes in person. Hope you can make some…

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new track out today!

Today I have a new single out which is not being released in the traditional way. It was a song commissioned by the organisation POWA- which stands for Protection of Women in the Arts- a musical collective run by some…

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ADHD Medication Experience

I wanted to document some more of my “ ADHD journey” incase it helps those going through similar. I have mentioned the diagnosis process below and this blog is about beginning to trial ADHD medication. 

I recently read that 1…

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Doggy, My Doggy. 


 snow dog

Just over a week ago we had to make the decision to have our pet dog Taz put down. He hadn’t been eating for 3 days and could barely hold his head up. It was terribly sad but…

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