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Production Music Camp

   Last week I attended a 3-day workshop in London, jointly organised by Media Tracks and Tileyard X which was all about production music. 


What is production music?  

It can be albums of music in the style of (whatever is required)…

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Mastering a Masters?

Hardly. I have technically just finished a Master’s in Electronic Music Production in Bristol but let me caveat this by adding I still have a trailing module (a retake which will be capped at the pass mark) due in November…

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Panorama programme about ADHD...

I’m not sure what to say exactly but I do know I’m pissed off by the irresponsible Panorama documentary that aired earlier this week. Not because there may well be clinics who are acting irresponsibly but because most people who…

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ADHD Medication Experience

I wanted to document some more of my “ ADHD journey” incase it helps those going through similar. I have mentioned the diagnosis process below and this blog is about beginning to trial ADHD medication. 

I recently read that 1…

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ADHD and Me... 6 weeks on

You love it when I write two blogs at once, I know you do. 

Well, well, well. Who’d a thunk it?  Someone who has had perennial procrastination problems, who stopped going to school because it was so difficult (but wasn’t…

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