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*NEW SINGLE ALERT!* 31/10/23

Hello! I recorded some video footage a while back when I was obsessed with "The English" (tv show) and this is one of the stills being used for the single cover for the new track Skeleton Key-  

Out on 31ST OCTOBER! (keeping it creepy!)

 I've not done a video for a while and I know everyone loves watching me dress up and prance around like a plonker so watch this space for a highly professional video soon. In the meantime you can presave here and sneaky peaky listens are available on my insta.  xxx



Oh ello, getting distracted with rants about panorama and another Masters deadline (tomorrow eek!) will NOT stop me from remembering this beauty which is released today. Only When You Sleep is a totally not niche and relatable track about suddenly feeling like you're living with a stranger. RELATABLE! It's out on all the usual places later today but is available on soundcloud and bandcamp NOW! GO!

 Let me tell you, it is tough releasing music, it's tough for everyone but when you have ADHD it is even harder- the finishing things, the self doubt, the rejection sensitivity, the inability to separate yourself from your art… and more.. BUT! Every release is for me, a triumph because for years I let a lack of sustained self worth stop me from doing what I am happiest doing- making music. 

That's why I've started setting up The AMP because I want to show (through doing it) that it is possible to have a sustainable career in music whilst having ADHD. It isn't enough to believe in yourself, you need to be part of something where people understand and get it and don't judge. When we feel valued as we are, for who we are then we can build a sustained sense of self esteem.  

So this is for all the wierdos out there (like me). 

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Whistlher: A Kontakt sample library

it's me...whistling!

What's that? The world needs a new whistling sample library?  ON IT. 

Yes, that's right I've spent the past few weeks creating a kontakt sample library which is essentially me whistling- hooray! 

It hasn't been fully tested yet so I'd appreciate anyone who has the latest version of kontakt downloading it and seeing if it all works- If you click on the Whistlher GUI pic I've also put a link here to download just the samples incase whistling is really your thing but you don't have kontakt, there are 5 sets of each note from C2 to D#4 and should be labelled with the correct note name. 

This is my first time making a sample library so it was quite a steep learning curve as I had to learn some coding/ui design and other skills that twisted my melon but I hope everything I've learnt so far will give me a good foundation to work for the next iteration of Whistlher or indeed something else!


Hello, here's what bakeneko music blog had to say about my latest release:                                   “You are so beautiful,” sings J*M*A on her new single, ‘Chasing Faces.’ The end of a relationship is near, but she’ll look for that face everywhere. Despite its topic, ‘Chasing Faces’ is a catchy, danceable indie pop track characterised by a sparkling palette of J*M*A’s husky vocals, hooky melodies, dramatic strings, and interesting percussion. Too good to let go.        



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